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Emilia in Ystads Allehanda 2006

Sissa's picture on "Postis-pages" in Sydsvenska Dagbladet 24th of September 2001.

Sissa & Kennel Sagio in Sydsvenska Dagbladet 5th of February 1999.

Babs in a photo "report" in Aftonbladet.

Byron and Bessie meets The Bloodhound Gang, Aftonbladet.

Emma, Astrid & Ada in Sydsvenska Dagbladet, illustrating an article about parking problems. The picture was also published as a postcard.


Babs for Telia

Babs for Danish Tele2

Byron for OK / Q8


Sagio Dorrit, Drutten, in "Animals hospital" (Swedish produktion) 4th of July 2001 (repeated several times)

Byron and Bessie in "Eurovision Song Contest"

Emma in "Double or Quits"

Film & tv-series:

Ada (and Hilding) in Macklean, a TV-serial in 4 parts, about the life of Rutger Macklean. The program was shown the first time in 1993. Ragnar Lyth was the director and co-writer together with Per Lysander. The sceneries was shot in Stockholm and in Svaneholms slott and it's surroundings. Actors: Henric Holmberg, Gösta Ekman, Marcus Groth, Anette Bjärlestam, Lasse Pöysti, Ernst Günther and others.

Emma in "Foreign Force " (Främmande makt) 1990. Actors: Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt

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