I love a bloodhounds sense of humor.

I love a dog who makes me think / work to train them – it makes the results more rewarding.

I love the way they seek out my company.

I love their small mischief from being bored.

I love their honesty.

I think they are one of the most compassionate breeds out there.

I love how they keep my bed warm at night.

I love the sound of a bloodhound snoring.

I love them because they write their own script (regardless of what they're doing or what you want them to do).

I love the big thick tail, as it clears a hundred year old collection of grandma's tea cups off the coffee table.

I love listening to their howling.

I think they are very smart – just not always bright.

I love their size and strength – I think they look impressive.

I love the way my dogs are gentle with my daughter.

I love it when they give ya that ol bloodshot tired look, as though to say: "Yeah ! I did it. Now it's up to you to figure out just what it is I did".

I love the drool – it makes me laugh.

I love it when my hound is soaking wet and tries so hard to shake it off and only her body moves while her skin stays in place leaving her just as wet.

I love the total devotion they give you.

I love the way they want to be around people, and be loved, and give love.

I love the natural ability that they have for individual scent discrimination.

I think there's nothing that sounds better than a hound shaking their head.

I like that I don’t have to worry about uninvited drop in guests. My relatives have never understood what I see in these silly, slobbery dogs. (I can walk around in my pajamas all day!)

I love the way they look at me when I say something to them. They tip their head, like, maybe if their head is in a different position, they might be better able to understand what it is I'm saying.

I love the noble expression on their face.

I love how she leans on me early in the morning when we sit out on the back patio and watch the sun come up.  Even though there are tons of things for her to go chase (birds, squirrels...) she stays there leaning up against me.

I love the way they groan, and purr when getting ear rubs.

I appreciate how the slingers and dirt really add a contrast to my dull white kitchen cabinets and walls.

I love the way they strut around when they have stolen something.

I love the way they lay their big head in my lap, and look up so sad, waiting to be petted, and told they’re a good dog.

I love the big huggable size of them.

I love how they seem to disgorge anything they have been hiding within their jowls for the last few days off on your shoulder or neck. Or don't ya love it when they walk up to you when you have a fresh clean pair of jeans on, and they poke their nose on your leg, or your butt, or wipe their lips off, and there's mud hiding in those big lips. Of course it never happens when your already dirty from gardening or something. Just when your going to go some where – Godaluvit . . .

I love their smile.

I love the way they get all excited when I come home from being gone all day, and swagger, and wag their whole body, and talk to me. Getting home is the highlight of my day.

I love my hound because he knows how to please an old man every day. 

I love the way they follow me from room, to room, just to be near me.

I love the way they kiss my face, to let me know they love me.

I love when we sing together.

I love their short soft fur, especially their long silky ears. Stroking their long, soft ears will calm even the most savage of beasts.

I love their intelligence – they are more intelligent then most people, I think, even though they are great at hiding it.

I love their eagerness to please.

I love the way people turn their heads, look and point when they see my Bloodhounds.

I love the drool as it glistens off the forearm early in the morning.

I appreciate how they'll play if you want to play, or take a nap if you want to nap

I love the whole cleptomania thing they do with your possessions. I don't even mind searching my acre and a half for the precious things they have hidden that I've touched

I love the bruises from the hip down to the ankles as they bounce off you at a dead run.

I love their stubbornness.

I love bloodhounds because they live for people – all ages, sexes, sizes and shapes included.

I love them because they give 110% to everything they do – from morning snoozes and stretches to evening rough-housing and comedy relief. They have seemingly found the secret to "abundant living".

I love the way they make us laugh until we cry, and then surprisingly look on us – as if it is their natural duty in life to entertain us.

I love the way that they will sleep through 6 police officers arresting a door to door salesman in my front yard, but will wake the entire neighborhood if a squirrel dares to climb in one of their trees.

I love the way she gets in that perfect stack or in a very dignified sit to watch people from a distance.  Inspecting every move, I wonder if she can smell everything about them?

I love the way they just sit there and drool, while they watch me eat something, just hoping that I'll be kind enough to give them a bite.

My heart would not function without the daily wet kisses and unconditional love our bloodhounds give to our family.

They make me feel good when we're together.

I just love them!

What I don't like about this breed are the following:

Sometimes I get tired of having to stay one step ahead of them – like using ESP to follow the path of their eyes in a room and trying to figure out what next they'll think is good to destroy.

The aftermath of their devilish nature - picking up chewed up landscape lights, chewed trash cans, chewed plastic pitchers, chewed whatever . . .

The look on their faces when I pull out of the driveway on the way to work in the morning.

The way that they get out of being in trouble by doing all of their tricks right after being naughty!

How sticky their ears are after eating.

That I don't have room for more.

That their life span is too short, it should be as long as ours.

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Bloodhound-owners across the world got the question on the Internet why they love Bloodhounds and what they thought is the downside of our breed. The following is a selection of the positive aspects – and all the negative.

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