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Emilia in a flying trot!

Foto: David Gore

* * *


Sagio Emilia at Silverspring entered the Bloodhound Club Autumn Working trials in Mendip Hills, Somerset, where she came 2nd in Novice stake, which moves her in to Junior stake. Judge: Mr Rod Bennett.
Emilia hunted a beautiful line, starting enthusiastically through a field of turnips, making the turn correctly into a field with some very accommodating dairy cattle, and then out across stubble land to find the line walker 1 mile and about 13 minutes later.

* * *


Sagio Filantrop "Sven" visited CC show at Sofiero and there he took his fourth certificat and won Best of Breed for judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland. Owner / handler Mia Linder, Varberg.

* * *


"Sven" did it again! Sagio Filantrop took the CC, cacib and BOB close to home ground, in Varberg.
Filosofia enjoyed her day at the show as long as she didn't have to be in the ring . . . She got a first price though.
Judge: Agnes Ganami Kertes. Israel.

* * *


Sagio Filantrop "Sven" went to Borås and took the CAC (CC) and the Best of Breed and who knows what more, if they had stayed for the finales. Instead Mia and Sven went to the beach which was a much better choice considering the hot weather. judge: Mrs Bonnie P Threlfall, USA. If you wonder how Filosofia, who lives in Borås, did at the show, her owners Anders & Giggi forgot to enter (no comments). :-)

* * *


Sagio Filosofia passed the trailing test today with flying colours! Congratulations! She ran the trail perfectly and finished with an intense and joyously identification. Time: 10 minutes. Judge: Mia Linder.

* * *




Sabina, Dorotea, Erika
and Fellini

T.R. Mikaela Berglund and Sagio Falstaff "Trofast" at a youth camp. Read more here (in Swedish) . There you'll also find a video where Trofast appears for a short while.

* * *


Sagio Filantrop "Sven" won BIS (Best in Show) at the Swedish Bloodhound Club Show in Norrköping! He also took the CC (CAC) and won a prize for "Best eyes". MultiCH Sagio Ester won Best Bitch-2. Sagio Filemon and Sagio Falstaff came 2nd and 4th in juniorclass, with HP. Sagio Filosofia was 2nd in the bitches juniorclass. Kennel Sagio won the competition "Best Breeders Group". Judge was Mr Colin Avery, Great Britain.
You can watch some photos from the show here. (I don't understand why they don't appeare in the order I want them to).

* * *

MAY 31

At his first show ever, Sagio Filemon took BIS at the Danish Bloodhound Club show yesterday and today he finished the trailing test in three minutes! His aunt Multi CH Sagio Ester came third in best-bitch class. Judge: Leonarda Pogodzinski, Great Britain, who made Sagio Emilia BOB at Crufts last year. :-)

* * *

MAY 22

erika o flicka
A lovely summer picture taken during the produktion of the film "Maria Larsson's eternal moment ". Photo: Nille Leander.

* * *

MAY 18

We have been out trailing again. Two trails for Erika, in two new different environments: in the forest and in town. She manage both, although the one in the city was a little difficult. But that was her sixth trail in her entire life, who can fault her? I'm very proud!
I walked a trail for Christer's Alsatian Lira. I started at 13.45 in brilliant sunshine, walked around in the center of Dalby, over a parking lot, through the bus station, places where there's a lot of people. When I was close to the end I took the car and drove 100-200 meters, went out of the car again and walked a few meters more. Three hours later Lira took the trail, in fast trot, without problem. Good girl! :-)

* * *


Sagio Falstaff "Trofast" has done the trailing test. He ran the trail in seven minutes, including a fall down a small hill by the handler (Märit wasn't hurt). Well done and CONGRATULATIONS!

* * *


Nothing special really. Just wanted to share my joy over Erika's first day of trailing. At last! THANK YOU so much, Christer, for taking the time to trail with Erika, I appreciate it tremendously! Erika got four trails, of which one was unintentional too difficult for her. The wind took the scent around a house and Erika isn't experienced enough to work that out, so she left it to Christer to find out while she studied a herd of grazing cows instead. :-)
Christer thought it was interesting to trail with a different breed from what he is used to (Alsatians), and he will continue to trail with Erika. I'm so excited! Yeah! :-)

* * *


Sagio Falstaff "Trofast" has made his official show debut in Stockholm. He didn't do well this time due to one of his eyes that doesn't look too good at the moment, but he got a nice critique, the judge Natalja Nekrosiene from Lithuania liked him a lot and he behaved impeccable. Trofast was handled by Marina Persson, sister to Märit who video filmed Trofast in the ring. Look here - not bad for the first time showing a bloodhound. Well done, Marina!

Marina Persson showing Sagio Falstaff. Lena Dahlgren took the picture.

* * *


New link: SPÅRHUNDSGRUPPEN – a trailing group working with bloodhounds.
Keep up the good work! (In Swedish, but many pictures).

* * *


Three handsome boys ! No, four! There is Erik too, the young man with Måns. ;-)

trofast mans sven sven
Sagio Falstaff "Trofast" - what a smoochy face!
Sagio Filemon "Måns" has just completed a long trail which he of course worked out splendidly, even though they met a bitch in season walking just where the trail was.
Sagio Filantrop "Sven" is looking for something in the trees - could it be a squirrel?
Sagio Filantrop "Sven" is posing nicely for the camera.

* * *


tarta Happy Birthday!
Sagio Emanuel, Eyvind, Elisabeth, Ellen, Emilia, Erika & Ester are celebrating their fourth birthday
. . . and it's also Ester's namesday - double congrats to her!

* * *


cake Happy Birthday!
Sagio Falstaff, Fellini, Filantrop, Filemon and Filosofia are turning one year!
Oh my, how the time does fly!

* * *


CH SV-04 Sagio Dorte "Molly"

2000/03/07 – 2009/03/20

First Molly lived in Knivsta with the Eriksson family. The family had waited a long time for a puppy and they loved Molly very much. Unfortunately Thomas (the father) become very allergic and Molly had to move. She moved to the Westcoast with a family that wasn't aware of what kind of dog a bloodhound actually is, so Molly had to move again. This time to Ulla-Britt Bandinge in Gotland, where Molly immediately felt she belong, together with all the dachsies in the house. Molly had come home!

Unfortunately Molly got chronic Anaplasmosis (Erlichiosis) and in the end she also had a problem with a thyroid disease. If these two diseases had anything to do with Molly's death, noone knows. Last Friday Molly was in a good mood, her spirit was high, she played a little and enjoyed her day. Later that evening, without any warning, she died, fell down dead on the spot!


mollan 3

Dear Ulla-Britt, thank you so very much for taking such a good care of Molly, for giving her a good home and a good life! I know Molly holds a very special place in your heart!

* * *










Filosofia together with her youngest mistress Sidney.
A cosy picture from the Kronqvist family.

* * *


CH Sagio Doris


My wonderful, amiable, beautiful Doris, the best mother and grandmother to wish for, has left this world for better life on the evergreen fields in heaven.

Doris was a very good looking bitch. She became a champion in her first three shows, she had group placements and several CACIB. She was very sparsely shown due to my accident I had when Doris was just a young bitch.

A happier grandma than Doris with her "grandpuppies" is hard to imagine! It's said that grandchildren are the dessert of life and the f-litter was Doris own dessert buffé.

Doris was a very talkative lady. She always told me when it was feeding time: three times a day she performed her pleasant food monologue. Always at the right time and she never forgot. Who will remind me now? It's very quiet in the house . . .

We miss our Doris . . .

doris doris
Grandma Doris with the f-puppies
It hurts but who cares - I just love puppies!
Granma Doris is "nursing" her grandchildren.

* * *


Happy birthday to the D-litter, today 9 years old!

Dora "Bea" in Varberg, Dordi "Adan" in Strömstad, Dorrit "Dorbert" in Norway, Dorte "Molly" in Gotland
and Doris & Dorotea who lives with me:-)

* * *


Sagio Filantrop "Sven" visted a puppy show in Varberg and took the BOB and the group but in the BIS final he decided he had enough and didn't do anything right, not what Mia wanted him to do anyway. You can't expect too much of a young boy! :-) But he loved his day out and he lived up to his name and loved everybody and was very generous with hugs and kisses. Judge was Berit Uhlén-Svensson.

* * *


CH Sagio Emanuel "Hälge" has temporarily been taken out off the showring and off the trail
for a much more IMPORTANT task: to look after the new family member, sweet little Sara. hege o sara

Hälge "the Malamute" is showing he is multi talented: here as a sled dog! :-)

helga drar helge drar

* * *


I feel very honoured . . . :-)

Oh Gosh, I have been honoured with the Swedish Kennel Club's badge of merit for "outstanding achievement within the Kennel Club organization"! Awesome! The prize will be awarded at the Kennel Club's Council meeting at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, May 30, the day of the Danish Bloodhound Club's show with judge Leonarda Pogodzinski who judged at Crufts 2008 (see below). And what do I do now?

* * *



emilia emilia

Photo: David Gore, Sagio Emilias owner.




EMILIA is playing in the snow with her friends. The "black" bitch is
Emilia's daughter Beetle (Silverspring's Blueprint).

Please be impressed by this huge amount of snow! It's the reason
why schools (e.g. the school where David works) and workplaces
have been closed for several days, roads been shut, the English
Bloodhound Club's AGM and show were postponed,
well, it's all chaos in Great Britain . . .

. . . and MORE SNOW is on its way! What will happen?!?! ;-)

* * *



Sagio Falstaff "Trofast", 10 months, has been to his first show, a puppy show in Årsunda and handler was Mikaela Berglund who did her job well and showed Trofast to BOB and Group-2. Well done! :-)

* * *



SUCH SV-05 Taliesins Wyoming "Mac Guinness" 1998/09/26 – 2009/01/08.

Today Mac Guinness went over the Rainbow bridge to a place where the grass is always green and he can run and play without pain. Guinness is the father to kennel Sagio's marvellous E-litter. a litter I'm so proud of. Fantastic bloodhounds in construction and mentality, and all with a good nose. Emanuel (Hälge) and Ester have been trained to trail and they are really awesome. Erika, Ester, (late) Egino and Emanuel are all champions in several countries, Emilia in England won BOB at Crufts 2008! (The other three are never shown).
Thank you Mac Guinness for your wonderful puppies! I hope I will be able to preserve your heritage. Your grandchildren look very promising, hopefully they will do well in the future.
Thank you so very much Kalle & Gerd and Mia for letting me use Mac Guinness on that very cold and snowy day in january 2005.

* * *


The first show results for the year are from the international show "My Dog" in Gothenburg.
Sagio Filantrop "Sven" made his debut in the ring, only nine months old, and just over the age limit for Junior class he did very well. He got an honours prize and a lovely critique from the breed specialist Lena Stålhandske:
"Good size and of excellent type. Long, very beautiful well shaped head. A bit open eyes. Excellent amount of skin in head. Nice lips and dewlap. Well pronounced peak. Good neck. Excellent body. Excellent depth of chest for age. Need to fill out in front. Toes out a bit in front. Well angulated behind with well muscled thighs. Heavy boned. Beautifully carried stern."
INTUCH NORDUCH SV-08 Sagio Ester got the CACIB and took BOB, and this, I will say, is an excellent start of the year 2009! :-)

* * *

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