The prefix "Sagio" is Latin and translated into English it says "I'm trailing"

Kennel Sagio is owned by me, Sabina, and is situated in the southwest of Sweden - a few miles east of Lund, between Dalby and Torna Hällestad.
All my life I have been surrounded by dogs and since 1975 it has been bloodhounds. From the first meeting with one of these magnificent hounds I have been an admirerer of the breed and still fascinates by them every day.

My breeding is sparse, many years goes by between the litters. My aim is to breed bloodhounds of the highest quality, true to type, with the nicest temperament and good working ability. On the rare occasions when there is a litter born here, You can be sure the parents are carefully chosen.

For more information about bloodhounds and my breeding & hounds, please contact :

Sabina Swahn
Dalby 781
247 95 Torna Hällestad
Telephone: +46 (0)46 - 530 34, +46 (0)705 15 30 34

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